Take off

Take off time                                  Watercolour                             © Elizabeth Tyler 2016
This is a watercolour painting which has been lying in my studio, unfinished for some time.
It's from a photo I took during the winter when the water in the Sound was partially covered in ice.
I was fascinated by the way the black backed gull took off amidst a spray of water. The dark rocks of the harbour wall brought a dramatic contrast to the soft snowy ice on the surface of the sea.
It was one of my more challenging works in watercolour and I am quite certain I will never be able to do anything like it again.


Watercolour Biennale Vancouver

I have just been informed that my watercolour painting "A walk on the wild side" has been selected by the IWS jury for the 1st International watercolour society Biennale 2016 in Vancouver Canada.
The entries from all over the world were selected on the base of photographs of the artworks. I will now be sending the original but haven't decided yet if I will attend in person.
The exhibition will take place in July this year.
"A walk on the wild side"                    watercolour                        © Elizabeth Tyler 2016