A short video about a small detail

Just wanted to show you an alternative method of rendering light details on a dark background. Instead of using art masking fluid as I usually do, I find the above technique results in the even edges I needed to depict fine straws of grass. You can't use the method everywhere but in this case I was pleased with the result. It's my own invention but there are probably many other artists doing similar things to achieve the same results.
Agatha Christie once said " I don't think necessity is the mother of invention. In my opinion invention arises from idleness, possibly also from laziness." Anyway whatever, it's the results that matter.


New watercolour "Raindrops"

"Raindrops" watercolour  95 x 40 cm
It's taken ages to finally finish this watercolour, in fact I started painting it last august but left it to "mature" as I often do with problematic paintings. Sometimes I'm just not able to come any further and instead of forcing myself to finish the work, I leave it facing the wall in the corner of my studio. Now I've had time to look at it again and resolve some of the problems that troubled me in the beginning. Some of the thin blades of grass were a bit clumsy before and the overall composition didn't seem to hang together. Now I've defined and lengthened the grass and given the drops of water stronger shadows to make them more visible. The veins on the leaves were drawn in a darker shade and small details were accentuated.
Now I think I will declare it finished before I overdo it.


Open house again.

This week until the 15th April our house is open to the public during "Konstrundan" the annual open studios event here in southern Sweden. Above is a video I uploaded to YouTube in 2010 when we prepared for the event then.
Some of the 350 people that dropped in on Good Friday. Photos:David Elberling.
It's great to meet so many interested people to talk to about art, sell some paintings and get new contacts.  The event is very well organised so all the 150 artists who take part here are easy to find even though we are spread around the countryside. So if you happen to be in this part of the world you are welcome to visit us.


Watercolour - Worldwide.

 I am very happy to say that, after only three weeks, my new e-book has been sold to readers in 14 different countries. Apart from Europe, USA, Canada and Australia, I’ve received many feed-backs from exotic places (well for me anyway) like Hawaii, Tasmania, Oman, El Salvador and Moçambique. I am especially pleased and honoured to be able to be an inspiration for aspiring artists and even established artists who are, for different reasons, unable to attend art schools or workshops otherwise. Although there's nothing like a real "treebook" which of course has it's own quality, the wonderful thing about an e-book is that it can be received in an instant anywhere in the world. It's cheaper too!
One of the 224 illustrations in the book Watercolour in Detail.    Photo: Philip Elberling

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