Working on a new series of watercolour paintings

After painting many works with stones, pebbles and beaches I needed to choose other subjects for a change.
Flowers are often the choice of subject matter for many artists and can be considered rather banal ( like: Oh no, not another old woman painting flowers with watercolours!) but I wanted to give the subject a new twist and a different approach.
I have for these new works chosen a tall narrow format. So instead of the normal "widescreen" I have taken up the challenge of limiting the point of view to this rather unusual format. The actual size of the flowers, weeds and the like are rendered larger than life. This gives me the opportunity to play with a lot of details in the foreground while keeping the background quite diffuse.
By painting a simple nondescript flower in this way it might be possible to raise it from anonymity to something almost monumental which in itself could be quite a symbolic gesture.


  1. How did I never see your work before? I love it!

  2. Thank you! I'm surprised you found my blog at all, I've only just started it!
    You can see some of my videos on http://www.youtube.com/user/pogdsmor
    and my website on http://www.elizabethtyler.com
    I'll be publishing more posts shortly.

  3. I really like your work. I used to paint years ago and took sumi-e classes in British Columbia, Canada for several years. Now we live in Kipawa, Quebec on beautiful lac Kipawa. My husband got me watercolour paints a couple of years ago and after seeing your work I am dying to start again just for fun, so many interesting things to paint around here. I am Dutch and my husband is Canadian. Thank you for the inspiring videos, the best!

  4. Just found you on you tube. I don't mean to embarrass you or anything but...you are amazing! Do you offer classes on cd anywhere?

  5. And now I have found your cd's. :)

  6. Hi Elizabeth
    Would like to feature your work in our magazine
    pls let me know your email so I can send you details
    kind regs

  7. Hi Meena
    I don't want to publish my email here. Please write again with your contact details.
    kind regards