More paintings

Working hard everyday, 9 hours a day, 7 days a week. I've just worked out that each watercolour painting takes about 45 hours so it will take some time before I have enough for the upcoming exhibitions.


  1. Hello Elizabeth, very happy to have found your blog and your paintings!

    In the you tube for this painting it looks like you are using a nib pen, what type of nib pen are you using? Further is appears you load the nib with the paint from a brush. Can you provide some additional information regarding this technique?

    I love the scale of your flowers. I am new to painting and currently am self teaching...

  2. Glad you found me!
    The nib is an ordinary old fashioned steel pen which I fill with a brush dipped in the diluted colour I want. By filling with a brush I can easier control the amount of colour on the nib to avoid making blobs. ;-)