New watercolour "Raindrops"

"Raindrops" watercolour  95 x 40 cm
It's taken ages to finally finish this watercolour, in fact I started painting it last august but left it to "mature" as I often do with problematic paintings. Sometimes I'm just not able to come any further and instead of forcing myself to finish the work, I leave it facing the wall in the corner of my studio. Now I've had time to look at it again and resolve some of the problems that troubled me in the beginning. Some of the thin blades of grass were a bit clumsy before and the overall composition didn't seem to hang together. Now I've defined and lengthened the grass and given the drops of water stronger shadows to make them more visible. The veins on the leaves were drawn in a darker shade and small details were accentuated.
Now I think I will declare it finished before I overdo it.


  1. Elizabeth, it was most definitely worth the wait. The painting is gorgeous!

  2. Wonderful Elizabeth. the colour of red leaf is stunning. indeed well worth the wait kind regards :)

  3. It is hard to believe, that this really is made of watercolour! Congratulations!

  4. Suuuperbbb madam, it looks realistic :)