New video

During the summer months, as often before, I spent my time living aboard my boat in Greece. This time I concentrated on writing a book about painting the sea. It's still not finished but it will be soon, I promise!
In the meantime I did do some sailing and in order to document it with a video I had the help of a friend who filmed my boat under sail from a distance. Also I had another friend, Kirsten, who joined me for a week so we could paint watercolours together.
We didn't do much painting but we had a great time! She managed to film some sequences during very hard weather, something I couldn't do while I was steering the boat. 
The last voyage of the season was a nine hour journey from Poros to Kilada. After a good night's sleep I painted and filmed the work in progress of a watercolour of the bay before dawn from the boat.
This is the resulting video.

My watercolour painting " Before the dawn"