New DVD finally released!

Four years ago I started work on a water-colour painting and filming the work-in-progress, step by step. It was to be a chapter in a new art educational DVD I planned to produce.

Filming the work in progress in my studio
Recording ambient sound in the woods
Little did I know then of how my life would turn out and how many other plans would radically change.
Nevertheless I couldn't let this project go and I kept coming back to it. I painted other watercolours, filming the work as the paintings progressed. Then in the time consuming editing process I wasn't satisfied with the result, I wanted this video to be something special. So other paintings came and went and the DVD project kept being put aside.

At last I decided to make a big effort to get it finished. Choosing four of the paintings I was most satisfied with, I edited the large amount of footage taken during the work on these. I could finally compile the chapters for a 74 minute DVD called Depth and Detail in Watercolour.
I can't count how many times I had promised my distribution agent Peter at Pulsar Productions Australia that the DVD was soon to be finished. I am so very grateful for his patience and encouragement through the years.

So here it is folks, the trailer for the DVD. The full length film (with on-screen text describing all the colours etc) is now available world wide both as a physical DVD and as streaming on-line video.  Get the full version DVD here


(If you have a good connection choose to watch this trailer in HD quality) 

PS I have just received this testimony from a customer:
I love Elizabeth's grit and unique style.  This DVD was so much more than I expected.  She shows you how to use every resource and that you don't need a shiny new box of paints to create a masterful work of art.  Thank you
Crystal Lindenberger