I’ve just stumbled upon a discussion group consisting of some very serious German gentlemen who have devoted a lot of time debating my watercolour painting.
 A great honour I must say.
They seem to have a difference of opinion as to whether my paintings are to be considered genuine watercolours or merely mixed media.
 After analysing one of my videos on YouTube they were apparently shocked at seeing me demonstrating the use of masking medium. (cheating?) Oh dear, and I even had the nerve to add the last details with aquarelle pencils (ugh!)
One of the participants admitted to being a purist and brought up the fact that Albert Durer 1471 -1528 made masterpieces without any of these things. Actually he cheated too by using gouache. But poor Albert probably didn’t have a plastic bag from Lidl either (I use plastic to mask areas I don’t want colour on) This is the video that agitated the German gentlemen.


  1. I would say, take the honor of being discussed, and run with it!

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  3. I LOVE this video! It has gotten me interested in your work and techniques. I say, there are no rules when it comes to art making. When one's state of mind is open, playful and fluid, as your work shows, isn't it more enjoyable than sticking to the rules?

  4. Durer cheated too. Artists long before him had to grind their own pigments from rocks, using other rocks to do the grinding, then mix the pigment with water and spit it onto a cave wall. Using brushes, paper and canvas is such an easy way out.