Crows at low tide

Crows at low tide   watercolour 35 x 46 cm

At low tide these crows were feeding in the shallow water between the sea and the shore. There is a freshwater stream running out here with lots of goodies to eat. I was fascinated by the light as the sun broke through the haze and there was still no horizon to be seen.  Normally I choose very colourful subject matter and enjoy revelling in and rendering the complex colours of nature. By balancing on the edge of exaggeration and by taking closer looks at details, there is no end to the amount of colours to be seen. This watercolour was for once an exception and I found a challenge in painting it using three colours only: Ultramarine blue, Gold ochre and Paynes gray.



"The Egg" lithograph 28 x 22 cm

There are a number of galleries in Sweden, Denmark and Finland that have my works in stock and I am pleased to say that one more has just been added to the list. I am now represented with my lithographs at the renowned gallery of modern art  Galleria Carree in the centre of Kuopio,  Finland. The Gallery represents over a hundred well established, mostly Finnish artists. Finland has a long tradition of fine art printmaking and some of the worlds best graphic artists come from this country. Therefore I am especially honoured that my lithographs also are appreciated there.
You can see some of the work behind the lithograph shown here on this YouTube video. Set the definition to 720p then you can easier read the text and see the details.


Still on my feet.

Standing Goose    watercolour 46 x 35 cm 
OK folks, only 47 geese left to paint! - Only kidding, this is the third and last for the time being.


New York, New York!

I often get flattering e-mails with so called "offers" from galleries. By reading between the lines it's easy to work out that this is just another matter of "Pay to Play" fishing for optimistic artist's money and not a serious gallery entirely devoted to exhibiting good works of art.
Another of these e-mails came the other day in the form of a reminder:

Dear Elizabeth, 
I recently emailed you regarding your artwork and possible promotional / exhibition opportunities at Agora Gallery.

Agora Gallery has been in business since 1984 and is located in the center of the New York City art community, providing exposure and promotion to talented artists, for these services the gallery charges an annual promotional fee. For more information about gallery representation and the services that we provide please visit: http://www.agora-gallery.com/artistinfo/gallery_representation.aspx
I would be happy to answer any preliminary questions you might have. You can reach me at 212-226-4151 ext 207 or chiara@agora-gallery.com
I look forward to your response. 
Best regards,
Chiara Mortaroli
Marketing Assistant / Agora Gallery 

By clicking on the gallery's website faqs I found the following:

"If I am accepted what is the cost of the annual promotion and representation?

We offer a few options starting from $3850 which can be paid in six installments of $635 each. Renewal will be offered at the end of the first year at a reduced cost along with a profile in our bi-annual publication ARTisSpectrum Magazine http://www.artisspectrum.com/ at no additional cost. Please note that many of the artists that we represent renew their agreement after the first year"

So I decided to answer them, here is what I wrote:

Dear Chiara
Thank you so much for the genuine interest you have taken in my artwork.
I have been a professional artist since 1967 exhibiting my works internationally in renowned galleries and art museums for four decades.
Therefore I would be happy to accept your offer of paying me $3850 per year for the
honour of representing me and promoting my works in your gallery. Renewal will be offered at the end of the first year at a reduced cost along with a link to my website at no additional cost.
Please note that many of the galleries that represent me renew their agreement after the first year.
I look forward to your response
Best regards
Elizabeth Tyler

You can read more about this widespread business here http://www.artbusiness.com/artist-pay-to-play-list.html
PS. I'll post the answer if I get one.



Canada geese, watercolour 35 x 46 cm 
Three more geese today. Only 36 to go.......
They tend to turn away when I come, ready to run and take off, but stay a while with heads turned so they can keep an eye on me in case I happen to have a gun!


Goose step

Canada Goose watercolour 35 x 46 cm

Every evening a flock of geese lift off from the Sound and fly over our house to settle on the fields and the local golf course. The next morning they are back in the water again. This morning was no exception and I was able to single one out for a painting. It was difficult to get near them, as soon as I moved nearer they all stood up and started walking away. I had to inch my way forward a little at a time, in slow motion. Finally I was so near I could see their feathers ruffling in the wind and the light playing on their backs. I don't think I'll paint the whole flock but perhaps a few more .......


On the beach

Like many other artists I have often found inspiration on the beach. Right now in autumn there is a special atmosphere here with a low lying sun shining through the haze. The colours are warmer and the shadows softer at this time of year, the crowds have gone home and it's possible to sit and paint undisturbed for hours.