Crows at low tide

Crows at low tide   watercolour 35 x 46 cm

At low tide these crows were feeding in the shallow water between the sea and the shore. There is a freshwater stream running out here with lots of goodies to eat. I was fascinated by the light as the sun broke through the haze and there was still no horizon to be seen.  Normally I choose very colourful subject matter and enjoy revelling in and rendering the complex colours of nature. By balancing on the edge of exaggeration and by taking closer looks at details, there is no end to the amount of colours to be seen. This watercolour was for once an exception and I found a challenge in painting it using three colours only: Ultramarine blue, Gold ochre and Paynes gray.


  1. Elizabeth, I love it. It is quite different from what previous paintings of yours I have seen. And do not misunderstand my comment - I love all your work!

  2. Vilken effektfull tavla!! Vackert!

    H. Carina

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you . This painting is one of the works at my exhibition in central Sweden right now and according to the art critic there it has "a more personal expression" than the rest......
      PS: It's sold now, which is a bit of a shame, I would have liked to have kept it a little longer.