"The Egg" lithograph 28 x 22 cm

There are a number of galleries in Sweden, Denmark and Finland that have my works in stock and I am pleased to say that one more has just been added to the list. I am now represented with my lithographs at the renowned gallery of modern art  Galleria Carree in the centre of Kuopio,  Finland. The Gallery represents over a hundred well established, mostly Finnish artists. Finland has a long tradition of fine art printmaking and some of the worlds best graphic artists come from this country. Therefore I am especially honoured that my lithographs also are appreciated there.
You can see some of the work behind the lithograph shown here on this YouTube video. Set the definition to 720p then you can easier read the text and see the details.

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  1. Vilken vacker tavla Elizabeth!

    Hälsningar Carina