Breaking waves

Priming the plywood with Gesso
 When I received a commission for a very large painting I had to spend some time contemplating, finding inspiration for the subject and doing some research. The painting was to be about 5 meters wide and 1.20 high, for the wall of an indoor swimming pool.
After making several sketches, taking photographs, visualising ideas and presenting suggestions, the idea I had was approved. I made a research on the best materials to use for an indoor environment with high humidity.
The choice of materials fell on marine quality plywood, primed 3 times on all surfaces. The art work would then be painted with Golden Open Acrylics and finally finished with 3 layers of varnish.

For practical reasons I divided the painting into two parts to be assembled later.
The choice of subject fell on a stormy sea with large waves breaking in the foreground. In the distance the nearby island of Hven can be seen.
A coffee break after the first background colours were painted.

The basic colours of green, pale blue, turquoise and white are added.  
Even though I had emptied the living room to use as a studio while I work
 on the painting, I still had to place the pieces at an angle to get them to fit in.
the foreground details of foam and spray
are painted with a tiny brush

I will be showing more step by step pictures of the painting in progress on my next blogpost.