Alone at sea, returning to creativity

This post is more about sailing than painting but I'm posting it here because it tells the story about how I found inspiration to paint after a serious crisis. Without inspiration you can't paint, well you can go through the motions, but your work will reflect your state of mind and that will become a barrier which is hard to climb over.
This video is the English version of a lecture I gave in Swedish for an audience of creative people at the town theatre in Landskrona,  November 2013.


  1. Your work is wonderful. It's very evident in your finished pieces that the process by which you created it was a meaningful, inspired experience. Thanks for sharing not only your paintings and techniques, but your philosophies about making art and living.

  2. Thank you for these inspiring thoughts. Takeaways for me: It's never too late to have a happy childhood. The cure for anything is salt water... And those who follow other people's footsteps...
    I am struggling with grief, but I found your blog because I love love love your watercolor style. I found you on YouTube. I especially love how you paint water in layers. I am in the U.S. but wish I could travel to Sweden and get a lesson or 2 from you!

  3. Elizabeth, you continue to be a wonderful inspiration... not only with your paintings but also your stoic determination and ability to 'ride the waves' of life. Thank you for such a positive attitude and for sharing your experiences.

  4. Thank you for the inspiration.