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A watercolour journey of discovery
This video I made during the long process of painting a series of  8 large floral watercolours. Sometimes I was so absorbed in the artwork I forgot to press the "record" button on the camera, but nevertheless I'm glad that I did remember it a few times.
I made the paintings in this rather unusual format which I personally find an interesting one. Within this tall, narrow format the eye is lead into the confined area of the picture and can wander through certain details of the subject in depth. This is at least what I have done while working on these paintings and it is my hope that others might do the same when seeing them.



 Eg Skejten, Elizabeth Tyler 1985  Fuglsang Kunstmuseum                                                               One of the advantages of becoming older is that you also, in very a small way, become part of history.   Having works included in the collection of an art museum is a great privilege because, when they have been there long enough, they too become history – art history.
A painting of mine which was sold to a museum in 1985 is now one of the works on show at the Fuglsang Art Museum, Lolland Denmark. The exhibition is called “Cross Section – 100 years of artists subjects.” 
In Danish:
"Tværsnit - kunstnermotiver gennem 100 år"
                                                                                                      I am grateful to the museum's curator Connie Hansen for sending me this photo. I didn’t have a photograph of it myself but I did remember working on the painting,  being inspired by all the colours created by the winter sunlight and thinking - a tree trunk doesn't really have to be brown....... 

More info about the exhibition here: Fuglsang Art Museum


I’ve just stumbled upon a discussion group consisting of some very serious German gentlemen who have devoted a lot of time debating my watercolour painting.
 A great honour I must say.
They seem to have a difference of opinion as to whether my paintings are to be considered genuine watercolours or merely mixed media.
 After analysing one of my videos on YouTube they were apparently shocked at seeing me demonstrating the use of masking medium. (cheating?) Oh dear, and I even had the nerve to add the last details with aquarelle pencils (ugh!)
One of the participants admitted to being a purist and brought up the fact that Albert Durer 1471 -1528 made masterpieces without any of these things. Actually he cheated too by using gouache. But poor Albert probably didn’t have a plastic bag from Lidl either (I use plastic to mask areas I don’t want colour on) This is the video that agitated the German gentlemen.


More paintings

Working hard everyday, 9 hours a day, 7 days a week. I've just worked out that each watercolour painting takes about 45 hours so it will take some time before I have enough for the upcoming exhibitions.


Working on a new series of watercolour paintings

After painting many works with stones, pebbles and beaches I needed to choose other subjects for a change.
Flowers are often the choice of subject matter for many artists and can be considered rather banal ( like: Oh no, not another old woman painting flowers with watercolours!) but I wanted to give the subject a new twist and a different approach.
I have for these new works chosen a tall narrow format. So instead of the normal "widescreen" I have taken up the challenge of limiting the point of view to this rather unusual format. The actual size of the flowers, weeds and the like are rendered larger than life. This gives me the opportunity to play with a lot of details in the foreground while keeping the background quite diffuse.
By painting a simple nondescript flower in this way it might be possible to raise it from anonymity to something almost monumental which in itself could be quite a symbolic gesture.