Eg Skejten, Elizabeth Tyler 1985  Fuglsang Kunstmuseum                                                               One of the advantages of becoming older is that you also, in very a small way, become part of history.   Having works included in the collection of an art museum is a great privilege because, when they have been there long enough, they too become history – art history.
A painting of mine which was sold to a museum in 1985 is now one of the works on show at the Fuglsang Art Museum, Lolland Denmark. The exhibition is called “Cross Section – 100 years of artists subjects.” 
In Danish:
"Tværsnit - kunstnermotiver gennem 100 år"
                                                                                                      I am grateful to the museum's curator Connie Hansen for sending me this photo. I didn’t have a photograph of it myself but I did remember working on the painting,  being inspired by all the colours created by the winter sunlight and thinking - a tree trunk doesn't really have to be brown....... 

More info about the exhibition here: Fuglsang Art Museum