Watercolour - Worldwide.

 I am very happy to say that, after only three weeks, my new e-book has been sold to readers in 14 different countries. Apart from Europe, USA, Canada and Australia, I’ve received many feed-backs from exotic places (well for me anyway) like Hawaii, Tasmania, Oman, El Salvador and Moçambique. I am especially pleased and honoured to be able to be an inspiration for aspiring artists and even established artists who are, for different reasons, unable to attend art schools or workshops otherwise. Although there's nothing like a real "treebook" which of course has it's own quality, the wonderful thing about an e-book is that it can be received in an instant anywhere in the world. It's cheaper too!
One of the 224 illustrations in the book Watercolour in Detail.    Photo: Philip Elberling

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The book is available for instant download at 19.95 USD

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