Christmas Poppy

It's December and in our garden here in southern Sweden is a flowering poppy. I look out every day to see if it's survived yet another night with cold stormy winds and pouring rain, but there it is with it's head up high. I can't help finding a certain symbolism in the very fact that, against all odds, it's still standing proudly.
I enjoy floral painting especially when it's possible to get very close and examine the details. My fascination with poppies is most likely due to the fact that they only thrive in their own environment, if you pick them and take them indoors they wilt almost immediately and look very sad. I've never before been able to paint a watercolour in the garden in December but here it is, my Christmas poppy.
see the watercolour grow on youtube

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  1. What an exquisite poppy, Elizabeth, and all the more so because of its beauty and tenacity in the face of winter weather. I very much enjoyed this post - thank you!