Media happenings

A selfie during the live broadcast on the Swedish radio P4 Malmöhus

The last couple of weeks have been very busy, exciting, stressful, wonderful, filled with surprises, "moments of fame", and meetings with interesting people. Everything with the kind help of family and friends.
I was preparing the annual open studio event in my house which is usually, every Easter, visited by over 2000 people. Despite the fact that my big painting is still unfinished I decided to show it for the public during the event. A call from the regional radio took me by surprise, they asked me for an interview in a live broadcast a few days before the opening. Even though I drove to Malmö in good time I got stuck in a traffic jam and charged breathlessly into the studio at the last minute. Just as I was chatting to the journalists the conversation went live without me knowing so the result was rather spontaneous to say the least. I answered questions about my background, my painting and my recent "adventure" as a solo sailor.
 The day after there was an interview with  the Swedish newspaper "Hallå" and the following day a 3 hour interview with a weekly magazine "Allas" which will be published in June.

On the first day of the open studio event the house was filled with people when a TV photographer and journalist arrived. I was asked about what the event meant for me while they filmed my works. I thought this was for a feature in a regional show but in the evening it was broadcasted on the swedish national TV (SVT1 Rapport) which could be seen by millions also in Finland and Denmark.
With journalist Natalie Medic and photographer Nader Hammoud from SVT.                           Photo: David Elberling

On top of all this my YouTube channel "Pogdsmor"passed one million hits!  Pogdsmors channel is comprised of the 18 videos I have produced about painting, etc.  

I still haven't finished the painting Breaking Waves.......

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