World Wide Watercolour exhibition

My painting "On the rocks" at the World Wide Watercolour exhibition in Hillerød

It was a great honour to be invited to participate in the World Wide Watercolour exhibition in Denmark, so I travelled from my boat in Greece to be there for the opening. I am so glad I did because I not only had the pleasure of meeting old and new friends amongst the visitors but also fellow artists from all over the world. I wouldn't have missed this for the world!
Here is a link to Marianne Gross blog with lots of photos from the exhibition.

About the exhibition:
Denmark's first truly international watercolour exhibition;  World Wide Watercolor opened at Annaborg in Hillerød, Denmark on the 19th of August and will continue until the 1st of October. 
Never before has there been an international watercolour exhibition with such diversity on Danish soil. The audience can see works by 32 artists from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Germany, England, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Serbia, Thailand, New Zealand and Canada. The exhibition is composed so that it shows a wide variety of expressions as well as subjects, techniques and sizes. In total more than 125 works are displayed on two floors.

Over the years, Hillerød Art Association has built a reputation for arranging Danish and Nordic watercolour exhibitions of high artistic quality. This time the field expanded to this international exhibition featuring high-ranking artists from several European and even overseas countries.
The artists Mona Sloth and Marianne Gross, both from Holte, have curated the exhibition for the art association. They have their background in the international watercolour scene, both from private contacts and from their involvement in the Nordic Watercolour Society.
The artists are, in alphabetical order:

Annette Bryne,  Ingrid Buchtal,  Austin Corcoran,  Anet Duncan,  Per Henrik Eriksson,  La Fe, Graham Flatt,  Lilianne Goossens,  Marianne Gross,  Lars Holm,  Leila Hunter, Margaretha Jansson,  Hanne Julie Johansen,  Karin Keane,   Inge Mette Kirkeby,  Arto Korhonen,  Lars Kruse,  Jonina Ninny Magnusdottir,  Jan Min,  Derek Mundell,  Peter Vilhelm Nielsen,  Maija Närhinen,  Endre Penovac,  Lars A Persson,  Jonas Pettersson,  Esther Sarto,  Måns Sjöberg,  Mona Sloth,  Hazel Soan,  Monique Tevenie,  Elizabeth Tyler,  Piet van Leuven.
Opening hours Thursday 15-18, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12-16 in Annaborg, Frederiksværksgade 2a, Hillerød. There is a free entrance.
Waves over rocks  watercolour 54 x 37 cm
 At the opening the visitors were encouraged to hug an artist. This is me hugging a fan; Christian Lemée
Surf over stones  watercolour  54 x 37 cm

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