From the Swedish newspaper VLT

At the moment and for the next two weeks my works can be seen at my exhibition at Hallstahammar in central Sweden. Unfortunately I couldn't be there myself for the opening but the local art society did a good job in hanging the 27 lithographs and paintings. According to the regional newspaper's art critic Birgit Ahlberg-Hyse it is unusual for the art society to choose an artist whose work consists of realistic paintings. She goes on to say that " it's easy to be moved by the beauty of Elizabeth Tyler's meticulous work" Finally she wrote: "In the lithographs she renders patterns on stones with photographic exactness and the precision is really impressive. But when she paints an old jetty over an undefined shadow or in a watercolour lets birds wade in diffuse water I find it gratifying with a more personal expression."

I can only say I am grateful to her for saying so.
"Vegetation"  lithograph 20 x 27 cm
"Footprints" lithograph 33 x 15 cm


  1. Congratulations Elizabeth. that's a great write up from the paper. i cannot help but admire the presision and incredible attention to detail in both your lithographs and acrylics and watercolours, the way you create diffuse backgrounds is magnificent and masterful and the fine detail in the subject area is equaly brilliant.
    I enjoyed the lithograph process video, an incredible process and excellent result well worth the time and effort..

  2. Congratulations!!!! Beautiful images that you sampled for us :).
    Stay inspired!