Still Life

A dialogue between two pears.                                                 watercolour  39 x 47 cm                                                        © Elizabeth Tyler 2012  

The great American floral artist Georgia O'Keefe once said "I hate flowers, I only paint them because they are cheaper than models and they don't move." 
I could personally say the same about painting fruit and still life, I don't normally get inspired by this kind of subject but for once I thought I would give it a try. I ended up enjoying describing the surface of the coarsely woven fabric as a background for the soft smooth pears catching the light and casting soft shadows. 
The tablecloth is painted firstly with prussian blue and then with a thin layer of magenta.
The pears were painted with yellow before adding sap green and finally burnt sienna. 


  1. i like it Elizabeth. it looks so natural, and i find it pleasing that the pears are bruised and scratched just like they would look in my fruit bowl as opposed to being perfectly flawless and unearthly. I dont know if you are intersted in craft but i just created a blog for my Fiance. she rips old telephone directories up . rolls the pages into sticks and creates basketry from them. if you have time and would like to take a look at her work here is her blog address: take care and keep those wonderful paintings coming. kind regards Jim

  2. Som ett fotografi. Strålande!