Breaking the old rules of watercolour.

I've just uploaded a new video to youtube about the techniques I used in my watercolour painting "A study in green" This is actually a one minute preview of the video I have on Mindbites called "Breaking the old rules of watercolour"
In the 26 minute video I demonstrate in detail how this watercolour was made, using mostly unconventional techniques. I worked on it both outdoors on location and at the studio.  Breaking many of the old rules of watercolour painting is something I enjoy doing, it is after all the result that matters. 
I don't know whoever made all these rigid rules of watercolour. As a creative person I hate being told what to do or how to do it. By using a little imagination (isn't that what an artist has?) many different tools, materials and methods can be used to achieve the result you want. And why not?
In the video I show and explain: My way of using masking fluid.
The use of different brushes, pens, sponges, colour shapers, kitchen roll, watersoluble pencils, cutter blades, stencils, saucepan scrubbers, plastic bags and clingfilm.
Not to mention the totally forbidden opaque white!


  1. What an inspiring clip, Elizabeth!!! Your techniques are amazingly innovative! Thank you.

  2. Truly creative and inspiring. Can't wait to learn however I can't seem to get through the puzzle of purchasing at MindBites. Is there any other source where this lesson can be purchased?

  3. Hi Linda, sorry you've had difficulties with this, it usually works fine. Perhaps you could send your query to she will most probably be able to help you. Kindest regards Elizabeth

  4. Thanks. I'll try again tonight and send word to Chelsea if I still have trouble.