"Resting pebbles"                                             watercolour 42x 66 cm                                              © Elizabeth Tyler 2015

Pebbles on the beach have always fascinated me. They are universal, they can be seen anywhere in the world. This happens to be on a Greek beach but the stones, pebbles and sand all amount to the same thing, or do they? 

Not unlike human beings, every single one of them has it's own personality, shaped and coloured by the environment they happen to be situated in. Some are firmly set and embedded in the underlying sand where they have been for years. Others roll around and dance with every wave and even pretend they can float on air. Some have a rough, structured surface, bleached by the sun, others are polished smooth, almost transparent, every day absorbing and reflecting the warm glow of the sun.
That's the fascinating thing about people - I mean pebbles...

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