Working again

Just wanted to apologise to my faithful followers for the lack of activity on this blog for 4 months. While sailing/painting in Greece in May, my husband was taken seriously ill and all my time and thoughts have been with him. With no time, no inspiration, no concentration and no energy it is, needless to say, impossible to produce anything like a work of art.
As he now is on the road to recovery I can once again turn to my work with renewed eagerness. Four months is the longest period of time I have ever, in my adult life, spent without picking up a brush and, as painting also serves the purpose of being one of the best kinds of therapy you can get, I feel really good about it.
I am making a documentary video about some of my watercolour painting techniques at the same time so the studio is even more cluttered than usual. I hope to be able to show the result soon.


  1. Elizabeth, I am so happy your husband is on the mend, and that you have the energy now to be creative again.