Morning mist

Morning Mist
118x50cm acrylics ©elizabeth Tyler 2014

I painted "Morning mist" shortly after the last storm had finally abated. The sun was trying to penetrate the early morning mist giving a warm glow to the nearest rocks on the beach. I emphasized the sharp details of the stones in the foreground and intentionally painted the background wave-breaker diffuse and out of focus. This effect is very much the same achieved when photographing a subject using a wide aperture. The result is almost a surreal feeling of depth and distance. At the same time it adds a certain amount of tranquility to the scene.  It was a calm morning, almost like a sigh of relief after so many wild days of howling winds and angry seas.
detail of the painting Morning Mist
showing the dry brush technique used to create
the unfocused effect.

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  1. a great painting Elizabeth, i love the detail in surface texture in the rock in the mid ground and its temperature, you can really feel the warmth of sunlight reflecting off it. the diffuse background works really well too