A question of attitude

"A New Dawn"  watercolour    26 x 33 cm   © Elizabeth Tyler 2017.

I began to paint this watercolour of the view from my cockpit while anchored in the bay of Dokos island in Greece. The sun was about to rise and sent a bright yellow glow across the sky, splitting up the dark clouds of the night. The hills were still in darkness but it was possible to see the sparse vegetation on the slopes. The sea reflected some of the light that was promising to brighten the day.
When I started the painting I was in a very sad and pensive mood, absorbed in deep and serious thought about my life. I was soon to leave my boat, my friends and Greece for the year and, at this age, could not know for certain if I would ever return. Not only was the summer but also, I felt then, a period of my life over.  I painted the clouds even darker than they were and the hills as silhouettes in ivory black. The sea was only suggested with a few strokes of grey.
After returning home to Sweden I left the painting out of sight for a couple of months. I considered it a worthless failure, which also reflected my mood at the time. However after gradually and step by step regaining a grip on myself I took the painting up again and used it as a kind of therapy. I lightened the clouds, brightened the details and created more light by washing the darkness away.
A promising new year was about to begin.

I thought about attitude in general.
Either you only see the threatening clouds, the dark landscape and the murky water, or you see something quite different;
The promising sunlight, the warm glow, the fascinating landscape and the refreshing water.
It’s the same scene but it’s your choice how you look at it.


  1. Hi, Elizabeth! Good morning from Madrid, Spain. I'm a follower of your art, of your blogs, I love every painting you paint, every video you share with us, that's why I need you tell you that you are a young, brave and beautiful lady and I know (and I want) you paint your fantastic watercolours until you are 100 years old... so, you have a long, long way in front of you. I admire you a lot.

    I wish you have a wonderful Chistmas time and a very bright 2018!


    Mari Carmen

  2. I agree with you. Many of my design pieces come from my past paintings. I felt at the time they just did not work. But looking at the things we can adjust...light value and line....they become something new.

  3. So fascinating to read this about the piece and often it's best to know a little background when viewing art.

    I know about your feelings toward the end there, but you are no age at all and you will be back. There will be more dark skies but there will be endless summers of clear blue bright skies and beautiful transparent oceans. Those days become even better because of the dark days, we just have to learn to enjoy both.x